Welcome to Church of the Presentation, a welcoming Catholic community leading people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through Word, Worship, & Outrreach. We serve many and welcome all. The years since the founding of our parish in 1961 have seen incredible growth from the original 270 to over 3500 families, coming here from over 130 zip codes! We are one of the largest Catholic parishes in northern New Jersey, and “welcoming” is the word most often used to describe us. Passing on and learning about our faith, nurturing our spiritual growth, being better stewards of our earth and outreach to others are all areas in which we focus our energies.

Next time you’re at the parish, take a moment to visit our “information desk” located in the hallway outside of our kitchen. It is staffed from 9am-1pm each Sunday morning to help answer any questions you may have.

We realize people look for a parish for many reasons. Whether you are looking to worship with us, receive support and/or get involved, know you are welcome and will find a home here.

Church News



YOUR FEEDBACK IS NEEDED FOR OUR FEASIBILITY STUDY! Fr. Bob spoke on Oct. 24-25 weekend about the local parishes conducting a capital campaign which is mandated by the Archdiocese of Newark. We have a choice to conduct a limited campaign to fulfill our Archdiocesan obligations, or take the opportunity to launch a more comprehensive campaign that will extensively benefit our parish as well. With that in mind, he spoke about the great success and growth we've had over the past years and the two major challenges we are facing, that is, our worship space and our severely limited space for our educational, spiritual and social activities.

The Proposed Project Summary is a plan we are tentatively considering to meet these challenges. We have NO plan to build a new church but we have engaged in working on a plan to renovate enhance our worship space church and expand our community meeting room space. As we prayerfully consider these suggestions, we need input from our parishioners to decide if this direction is feasible and ask that you participate in our Feasibility Study by taking our online survey (by Nov. 22, the latest - should only take about 5 minutes) here: www.surveymonkey.com

We have retained Guidance in Giving, a professional Catholic development organization, to work with us in coordinating the Feasibility Study, and your individual responses will only be seen by them, and not be shared with Fr. Bob or any staff member. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Thomas Dolce of Guidance in Giving at 201-327-1313 ext. 830 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Upcoming Events

Find more details in our bulletin

Christmas Tree Lighting: Nov. 29 after 6:30pm Mass

"Glimpsing Bethlehem": Dec. 1

Taizé Prayer Evening: Dec. 4

Breakfast w/St. Nick: Dec. 5 (sold out)

Liturgical Ministers' Morning of Reflection: Dec. 5

Parish Christmas Ball: Dec. 5

Poinsettia Sale: Dec. 5-6

Seniors' Christmas Mass & Lunch: Dec. 8

Women's Christmas Tea: Dec. 9 (sold out)

Children's Pageant & Concert: Dec. 10

Our Lady of Guadalupe Mariachi Mass: Dec. 12

Christmas Concert: Dec. 13

Pardon & Peace: Dec. 14

Lessons & Carols: Dec. 17


Career Management Group: Last (non-holiday) Mon. of the month, 8pm

Gay & Lesbian Fellowship Group: Last (non-holiday) Mon. of the month, 7:30pm

Women's Insightful Hour: Tuesdays, noon-1pm, BYO Lunch

Caring Stitches: 2nd & 4th Tues. of the month, 6:30-8:30pm (off until Jan. 12)

Prostate Cancer Support Group: 4th Tues. of the month, 7:30pm

NAMI Support Group for Caregiver-Graduates: 3rd Wed. of the month, 7:30pm (7pm to "meet 'n greet")

Centering Prayer: Generally, the  1st Sat. of the month, 9:30am in the rectory

Bereavement Support: Call 201-327-1313 ext. 872

Separated / Divorced Support: Call 201-327-1313 ext. 887