Volunteer Appreciation Cocktail Party

Each year, the parish throws a cocktail party with appetizers in appreciation of all of our volunteers. Over three hundred devoted volunteers usually attend the event. The entire staff (including our priests) participate in making the evening as enjoyable as possible for the attendees. Using their own recipes, the staff shops, preps, cooks, tends bar, entertains, sets-up, cleans-up and serves. 

Our staff wants to do everything they can for our volunteers in order to prove how much they're appreciated. What better way than to do it from our hearts with our own hands as our volunteers do for our parish every day? The gratitude from the volunteers is always overwhelming. They are amazed at the amount and quality of food that was served and by all the hard work that goes into into making the evening a success. They truly feel appreciated.

The attendees always ask if they can help just as they always do. However, the evening is a time for the volunteers to sit back, relax and celebrate the parish. A parish so many people call home because of the hard work, dedication and love from our volunteers. A huge, heartfelt thank you goes out to all our dedicated volunteers. Your staff and your parish appreciate each and every one of you.