Mental Health Ministry

Our purpose is to alleviate the suffering and painful stigmas commonly borne by those beset with mental illness, as well as those who love and care for them. We do this in a number of ways that involve Education, Information and Support.


Our Ministry hosts the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) Family-to-Family Education Program, a twelve week course facilitated by volunteers who are trained in the Program and readily understand the experiences of caring for a loved one who suffers with mental illness. Some facilitators are members of our own parish community.The professionally developed NAMI course is geared toward those who care for someone with a mental illness; it is not intended for the loved one with the illness. The Program covers all the major mental illnesses, the basics of the way the brain functions, a medication review and other topics that relate directly to understanding and managing the disorders. Course participants find empathetic understanding as well as education. They connect with others who may be walking a similar path. We have been offering this well-attended course since the Fall of 2008 and find a continuing need for it. The course is free but space is limited and registration is required. Our next course begins September 8, 2014.

For More Information &/or to Register, contact:
Peggy Whelahan: 201-785-9076
Pat Swanton: 201-825-2633
Rita Warner: 201-934-1629


We stock our parish library with a wide variety of materials dealing with mental illness, including informative booklets on various diagnoses; timely announcements of upcoming events and presentations, as well as pamphlets and brochures on resources and other programs available in Bergen County.


As participants complete the NAMI Family-to-Family Education Program, we invite them to join us periodically during the year to get to know each other better and to offer support to one another.