Capital Campaign



Dear Parish Family,

Welcome to our “Living Our Faith, Building Our Future ” Capital Campaign. The Capital Campaign Booklet, which has been distributed to every family in our Parish, outlines the details of the campaign. Please take the time to read through the booklet carefully and make a prayerful decision on how you will support this endeavor. I also invite you to review the Q&A Brochure, which may answer any questions you may have not covered in the booklet.

As of the end of November 2016, we have reached our $6 million goal, having received over $6.1 million in pledges. Twenty percent of our families have responded and to those families who have responded, we thank you for your support & generosity! If you haven’t responded yet, you may be asking yourself, now that we’ve reached our goal, why should I pledge now?

The fact of the matter is we are likely to incur additional costs which were not included in our original estimates:

  • As part of the regulatory approval process, the NJ Department of Environment Protection may require that we provide our own septic treatment plant to handle the increased square footage of our parish campus. We’ve asked for a waiver from this requirement, but if we don’t obtain it, the cost of compliance will be substantial.
  • Our increased footprint may also require the installation of a fire hydrant on our property.
  • Additional funds will provide the option of reorienting our sanctuary to accommodate the location of the new center aisle in the renovated church.
  • Additional funds will allow us to renovate the bathroom in the narthex and make it handicapped-accessible.
  • Additional funds will allow us to upgrade our furniture, fixtures, equipment & finishes.

You will notice in the Capital Campaign Booklet that there are suggested gift plans. Our “Living Our Faith, Building Our Future” Campaign is being conducted on a simple premise: not everyone can make the same size gift; however, everyone can make the same size sacrifice. The suggested gift plans are intended as a guideline to assist you in making your pledge. All pledges and donations are welcomed, needed, and greatly appreciated. I realize that every family has different circumstances. I only ask that you consider a pledge that can be paid over 36 months to the best of your financial ability. When you look at the suggested gift plans, find a level that is comfortable for you and then look above at the next level because that is the sacrifice we are asking everyone to make. Can you consider a pledge of $5,000 or more? This level pledge could be paid with a $500 down payment and then with monthly installments of $125 or $4.11 per day over a period of three years. If your situation permits a more substantial pledge, your generosity would be most appreciated. In recognizing your blessing from God, ask yourself, "Does my sacrificial giving represent me?"

This is a critical moment in our Parish history. This project is not about fundraising, it's about continuing our mission, which will allow our community to thrive in worship and spiritual development in the years to come. By expanding our Church, we will continue the vision of faith, worship, and service that has long been a tradition here at Presentation.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the Campaign, please feel free to call Bob Rooney at (201) 327-1313 ext. 818. Thank you for your time and loyalty to Church of the Presentation.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Bob