Parish Council

Welcome to the home page for the Parish Council at Church of the Presentation! Parish Council is an essential ministry here at Presentation, as it serves as the primary consultative body to the pastor. If you are interested in serving on the Parish Council, feel free to contact Fr. Bob Stagg at ext. 820.

Minutes of Meeting on 03.06.17

Attendees: Father Bob Stagg, Rosemary Ervin, Kathleen Cullinan, Mark Cron, Tom Farley, Christine Lagana, Wally Kennedy

The meeting commenced with an opening prayer and reflection by Christine Lagana.

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

Old Business

Pastor’s Report - Father Bob Stagg

Father Bob reviewed costs and the timeline for phases I and II of the capital campaign, i.e., construction related to church renovations. Work for phase I (i.e., the auditorium blow-out) was awarded to Brent Edwards. Construction documents for phase II are near completion, and an RFP should be submitted by the conclusion of March. Phase II is costly (estimated at $2.2 million). Construction will be able to start because of high receipts; to date, slightly less than half of the amount pledged has been received.
Father Bob also talked about ideas for a ritual action that would symbolize ownership for the community. At this point nearly 900 donors have made pledges. There was also discussion about development of a program for donors interested in further recognition; possible ideas included purchase of doors, pews, or stations.
Switching topics, Father Bob discussed some changes to initial Lenten plans and also provided a brief update about activities for the new Archbishop. The Desert Days Lenten program has been postponed until next Lent. Also, Father Bob is leading a pilgrimage to the Holy Land during Lent; because this activity reduces resources available during Lent, the 0630 weekday mass has been canceled for ’17. Finally, Cardinal Tobin has established a schedule of visits to the Deanery’s. He is set to visit our the Deanery which includes Presentation in the October.

New Business

Finance Report - Rosemary Ervin

Rosemary gave an overview of finances through 01.31. She provided insight compared to last year and also budget. A large increase in the parish’s assessment is affecting numbers. Also, more has been spent on outreach than originally envisioned.
Partially as a result of these two situations, revenue and net income are less than both last year and plan. Although expenses declined versus last year, this item has increased versus budget.

Garden Report - Wally Kennedy

The garden team is entering its third growing season. Damage from winter storms is minimal. Consequently, no major capital expenditures are needed. By mid-May all planting should be completed; initial harvesting will start in the latter part of June.
To ensure further community engagement, a recruitment weekend will be held in April. Other than gardeners the team wants to identify people who could help with transportation, composting, grant writing, publicity, and recipe development. A good season is expected.

Next Meeting - 04.03.17