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About Us

Welcome to Church of the Presentation, a parish which serves many and welcomes all. The years since the founding of our parish in 1961 have seen incredible growth from the original 270 to over 3500 families, coming here from over 130 zip codes! We are one of the largest Catholic parishes in northern New Jersey, and “welcoming” is the word most often used to describe us. Passing on and learning about our faith, nurturing our spiritual growth, being better stewards of our earth and outreach to others are all areas in which we focus our energies.

Next time you’re at the parish, take a moment to visit our “information desk” located in the hallway outside of our kitchen. It is staffed from 9am-1pm each Sunday morning & after 6:30pm Mass on Sunday evenings to help answer any questions you may have.

We realize people look for a parish for many reasons. Whether you are looking to worship with us, receive support and/or get involved, know you are welcome and will find a home here.

Our pastor is Fr. Bob Stagg, who began his tenure with us in February 2007. He knew our parish well since he was raised in Bergen County and he frequently attended our 6:30pm Mass in his youth. Seeing the parish through "fresh eyes," he led a campaign to renovate our worship space, to reflect the Vatican II vision which we as a parish believe. The altar was repositioned for a more inclusive worshipping experience for all in our community and a new permanent baptistery was installed in the sanctuary. Benefactors have donated a new carillon system calling us to worship, a new organ and a new sound system, all of which serve to enhance our worship.

Realizing the dedication and energy of our parish family, Fr. Bob asked us to dream with him about the future, to discern together how we can best fulfill our mission. The "Share the Dream" initiative in 2009 produced many suggestions, and from that process, our roadmap for the future was formed. Passing on and learning about our faith, nurturing our spiritual growth, being better stewards of our earth and continued outreach all emerged as areas in which we would continue to focus our energies.

Our family faith program continues to be light years ahead of the traditional classroom model, realizing that our young people need parables, stories and multimedia to stay engaged and focused. Parents are part of the experience as we support their responsibility for passing on the faith through monthly gatherings and website lessons on our Family Faith website, www.presentationfff.org. Our adult education offerings have been restructured through a new program, Presentation Café. While Cornerstone and Journey continue to be foundations of our retreat experiences, our spiritual renewal offerings were expanded to include centering prayer, directed retreats and days of reflection. Our new labyrinth offers a place of quiet and reflection.

In collaboration with our Justice & Peace Ministry, our physical plant has become more eco-friendly through the installation of solar panels, new light bulbs, automatic shut off devices, "green" bathrooms, and as a result, we have become the first Catholic parish to be certified as a Green Faith Sanctuary by GreenFaith, whose program is designed to help houses of worship earn recognition as environmental leaders.

We continue our commitment to local and long-distance "outreach" while increasingly responding to the need for "inreach." The parish with its partner, NOVA Hope for Haiti, has built a permanent medical clinic in Haiti.

The last few years have seen the formation of a new Play-n-Worship Sunday school for 3-5 year olds, a vibrant Seniors' Ministry, a new Prayer Tree Ministry, Spiritual Direction Ministry, and offerings and events that have already become parish traditions: Triduum Morning Prayer, Good Friday Bicycle Stations of the Cross, Trunk or Treat, and Tailgate Parties, to name a few.